Forever Born

Abstract Thoughts Over Jazz Beats

MBorn at Uprock2 with FONT.jpg

M.Born is a soul hiphop producer/emcee from Manila, Philippines and now residing in Roseville Ca. With humble roots, Born began his music career only 4 years ago. Since then the sample based producer has gained a steady following and has been featured in mutliple videos with the music software company "Propellerhead" Reason. With 4 music releases M.Born continues to grow and gain notoriety both as an MC and a beatmaker.

Influenced by the Golden Era, Born's music is organic, jazzy and soulful. A smooth blend of honest head nodding grooves and crafty songwriting. In 2012, Born joined forces with Uprock Audio's "Footwords" to combine as "Soul Food". The duo's debut "First Course"is available now on Itunes and Google Play. Due to release this year are: "Welcome to Manila" beat tape, "Born Experience" mixtape and "Forever Born" ep. Be on the look out for lots of music to come including multiple features and production credits from the talented artist.