Forever Born

Abstract Thoughts Over Jazz Beats

GoodBye Portland

With high hopes of a unforgettable time, I am now leaving Portland more than satisfied, more inspired, and more me than ever. I wanted to document and blog my time spent here with close friends and family throughout the last week, but eventually got lost at every moment spent. I tried to remember to record and take pictures but did not want to live the experience second hand. Sometimes we just have to be. 

I landed in Portland about 6 days ago and since then has been an adventure to say the least. I spent my earlier time in Lincoln City in a beautiful dream beach house on the water with close friends. It was a small town and quiet. No sensory overloads, no tv's, no clubs, no major corporate restaurants. Just us, music, and great food. We cooked and ate every meal ourselves. Shared old memories, created new ones. Drank an insane amount of wine and even got into a few arguments. At the end of it all, it was all love. It was just us. Four different couples and a puppy named "Sonny". When we did venture out to grab groceries and drinks, the small town of Lincoln gave us our fair share of both good and bad welcome and stares. The dynamic of our group was different to say the least. All interracial couples and one same sex partners. A completely eclectic group. We took pride in it and enjoyed ourselves. We celebrated each others successes and eventually went on our own ways. We all lived in different cities, from Seattle, San Diego, Sacramento, and Portland. It was great to rendezvous once again. 

After our beach house getaway, Tashee and I spent the last two nights back in Portland. We visited a few places we've always desired to eat at. Walked around shops and did the tourist things we were suppose to do. I managed to sneak in a fade at a local barbershop that struck a great conscious conversation. It seems that all the interactions I have had here in Portland with strangers have always been an open minded, positive experience. Self made people. Young entreprenuers. Generations of weird. Unordinary People. Crafty and Precise designs. Detailed and Practical executions. Portland is inspiring, though the rain says otherwise.  I have gained much respect for Portland and Ive yet to fully discover her and all she offers. I will be back soon enough, and maybe to even stay permanently, who knows.  Until next time Oregon, here's to the new memories we've created. Cheers. 

Portland Day 1

So surprising my homegirl Jess was a success yesterday. I literally walked into her work and she couldn't believe it. After that was it was all up from there. We walked in the rain a lot but we ended up at Baileys Brewery for our first stop. I went big for a triple IPA without food in my stomach and you can already guess what happened from there. We ordered food from a mexican joint across the street that we all went ham on including a habanero sauce that was delish. We walked back to the hotel to replenish and ended up late night bowling alley with your boy representing. Drunk bowling for the win. By this time wer're all fairly inebriated and ended up at the best Vietnamese spot I've ever had "Luc Lac". Decor was just dope, hiphop playing (Old Kanye) and the chicken pho was on POINT!! Anyways we stumble back to the hotel in the rain, overate, and a lot more to drink than we should've had. Had my fair share of Portland for the first day. Day 2 starts now..

Blah Blah Blah

"Neccesity is the mother of all inventions."


According to Wikipedia this quote is an old English Proverb. Boring right. Here's my take!

 Some guy in the midst of losing a group debate without a thought to say, shamelessly and quietly in the depths of his mind conceived this quote, and instantly shouts it out. I mean how ironic would that have been?? How can it possibly not have happened that way??

All jokes aside, I seem to be continously learning this same lesson. If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself. After many failures attempting to outsource for designs, videos and website, I eventually was forced to do it all myself. What better way to carve your own vision than with your own hands. Here's the product of it all.