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Portland Day 1

So surprising my homegirl Jess was a success yesterday. I literally walked into her work and she couldn't believe it. After that was it was all up from there. We walked in the rain a lot but we ended up at Baileys Brewery for our first stop. I went big for a triple IPA without food in my stomach and you can already guess what happened from there. We ordered food from a mexican joint across the street that we all went ham on including a habanero sauce that was delish. We walked back to the hotel to replenish and ended up late night bowling alley with your boy representing. Drunk bowling for the win. By this time wer're all fairly inebriated and ended up at the best Vietnamese spot I've ever had "Luc Lac". Decor was just dope, hiphop playing (Old Kanye) and the chicken pho was on POINT!! Anyways we stumble back to the hotel in the rain, overate, and a lot more to drink than we should've had. Had my fair share of Portland for the first day. Day 2 starts now..